Why You Should Invest in an Air Compressor for Your Business

Why You Should Invest in an Air Compressor for Your Business
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An air compressor is typically a device that uses electricity to convert power into potential energy and then stores it for future use. The stored energy in the air compressor, which is released as kinetic energy, can then be used for several operations and applications in the business. For instance, power in air compressors can be utilized to supply pressure and clean air to drive valves for control systems, fill tires, fill gas cylinders, fill high-pressure air tanks, and produce medium pressure air in manufacturing processes such as oxidation, hydrogenation, and more. Air compressors can be used in various types of commercial outlets including offices, shops, retail outlet, manufacturing companies, and so on. They facilitate a comfortable work environment, and like stated above, work as an energy storage device for businesses.

Types of Air Compressors

Air compressors can be categorized as either high-pressure, medium pressure, or low-pressure air compressors. High-pressure air compressors discharge over 1,000 psi (pound per square inch), medium-pressure compressors have a discharge between 151 to 1000 psi, while low-pressure compressors have a discharge of 150 psi and below.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Compressor

  • Size – always choose the right size. If size is not well selected, the purchase can be just useless. A small compressor can waste a lot of time, and a big one can waste resources
  • Choose a compressor that provides enough air-flow.
  • Let your work environment guide you – your business environment will guide on whether to use an electric motor or gasoline powered compressor.
  • What tools are used in your business environ– different devices require different psi pressures. Determining the tools used in your workplace to help you know whether to go for a low, medium, or high-pressure air compressor.
  • Future considerations – if your business will expand in future, going for a small air compressor may not be helpful

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Benefits of Air Compressors for Businesses

Statistics say that about 70 percent of manufacturing companies use air compressors. In the manufacturing industry, they are advantageous as they allow the use of air as energy instead of electricity. They can be used with machine tools for material handling and also in spraying equipment. They can also be used in other business industries as they are safe and convenient as a source of energy. A business can obtain several benefits out of investing in air compressors such as the ones discussed below.

Air compressors, including Gardner Denver air compressorsassure reliability and improve performance in business operations with several merits like reduced repairs, increased systems uptime, and reduced energy consumption. Energy efficient air compressors will help in cost savings as well as help control pollution. Also, using air compressors can significantly improve the quality of air in your work environment. Office cleaning is effortless with quiet air compressors as they suck up dust and generate hot air for drying carpets.

As a business person, it’s essential to know what an air compressor can do for your business so that you can maximize its benefits for more productivity.


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