Why Lawyer Blogging is a Great Idea

Why Lawyer Blogging is a Great Idea
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Blogging is fun; as the blogger Mike Butcher says, “Blogging is a conversation, not a code”.

It is true. When you blog on the topics of your interest and expertise, the words have a personal significance. They sound more realistic and convincing. And for the topics that are more complex than others, such as legal, a Lawyers words have strength.

Lawyers are oftentimes too occupied, especially mentally. Their brain is in constant motion, to help them with their various cases. This habit keeps their brains active. Also, handling lawsuits of the same nature lead them to develop a quick reflex and a lot of experience.

As the time goes on, their lawsuit’s experience becomes so wide that the solution to every litigious situation can be at the tip of their tongue. At this point, when they decide to share their experience and knowledge, it becomes the best gift for online readers.

Beginning Lawyer Blogging Tips

In a litigious situation, the parties involved may not be in a state of mind to think straight. They need a quick advisor that can help make clear the confusing nature of their case. If someone turns toward the internet to find clarification, a well written blog post can be a ray of hope in their difficult situation.

Lawyers must focus on quality content and should leave other promotional activities to other experts. When starting a blog, consider the following:

  • Keep it Simple

As mentioned previously, begin with the content. What is your speciality? What are confusing points of your speciality? Use simple terms to define the topics, and readers will flock to your blog to find the answers to their questions. The content of the blog should be attractive, this will also help readers return to your blog.

Identify and then maintain the style

Once you complete your first blog, you will know more about your writing style. When you and your readers seem happy about the style, keep it consistent.

For a good example of a Lawyer Blog is Greg Baumgartner. He is a highly experienced lawyer practicing in Texas. He is a lawyer-blogger and writes legal article related to personal injury. I like his blogs as he has a very simple yet articulative style in writing; he uses subjective statistics wherever necessary and breaks up the information into subheadings with appropriate subtitle. This could help a person in quickly locating what he/she is looking for.

  • Use visuals and case studies

Pictures speak louder than words. Include some appropriate images and pictures of the case related incidents, being careful to not overwhelm the reader with too many images. An important thing to remember is to never use images that you do not have permission to use.

Inclusion of a case study is highly appreciated in certain blogs. The reader might be able to relate to the mentioned case study. Reader can also know what they can expect out of his litigious situation.

  • Include vital information only

Imparting knowledge requires skill. A scholarly person has a ton of information and experience. They can share a lot with others. But do others need it or are they able to process so much information, altogether? NO!

Try to stick to the topic of the blog and if you feel corresponding information needs to be shared, then take that piece of info to some other blog and put its reference link in the present blog.

Lawyer Blogging is a great way for lawyers to reach potential clients and to help people. It is a great way to show the breadth of their knowledge and experience, and will be a great tool to develop trust with their clients.

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