Education of the Underprivileged- Omari Betts Gives A Detailed Analysis

Education of the Underprivileged- Omari Betts Gives A Detailed Analysis
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The right to education is one of the fundamental rights of every individual, whether you belong to a rich family or a poor one, no one has the right to take it away from you. If you chose to be educated, (which you should), then you are eligible to do so under any circumstance. Omari Betts, a graduate of Morgan State University helps propagate this by teaching underprivileged children.

Being born into a poor family is not someone’s choice, it is by fate that they are in such a situation, therefore, it is unethical for anyone belonging to the higher strata of the society to look down upon them and consider them not to be fit for acquiring education. The world may have stepped into to the 22nd century and preparing itself for the generation K, but if there is still illiteracy in even one part of the country, then you cannot call it becoming ‘modern’.

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Omari Betts Comes Up With the Real Scenario

It may sound harsh to the ears but the fact is there is still a great percentage of the global society at large that stands uneducated to this very day. Some have not been able to educate themselves because of their financial instability and some chose not to educate themselves. For those who have had the obstacle of finances it is an unfortunate thing, but for those who willingly have kept themselves away from learning, it is a shame.

Where there are people like Omari Betts, who utilize their leisure time to educate the little underprivileged children, with lessons of golf, at the Tee Program in Washington DC; it is a sad fact that some of the underprivileged people prefer begging and earning their living rather than educating themselves. Staggering reports of begging rackets have been witnessed not just in the past but in the present day as well. These poor people are brain washed that it is better to get fast cash by begging and earning sympathy of the affluent people rather than getting educated and working hard to earn a handsome salary.

It is even more shocking there still exist people who consider education to be a mere waste of money, time and energy; they would be better off asking for monetary help from people and living their bare minimum life.

It is time however; that these people are pulled up and made to realize that education is a weapon to fight against all odds of life. No matter what crisis make strike upon you, if you have the knowledge and the willingness to come out of it, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from doing so.

It is universally considered that money can buy happiness, but the truth is money without education as to how you should spend it is absolutely futile. You may have all the riches in the world but lack of education makes you a hollow person. Hence, pull yourself up and look around you, and let the first uneducated person you see become target for you to go up to and spread the awareness of the need for education and the perks it guarantees.

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